To provide you and your students with an inside look at what it takes to perform at the highest level, Drum Corps International will again present the Festival Workshop Series: Marching Leadership for Students at DCI major events throughout the summer. There are also several other clinics that are presented by the corps themselves prior to tour events. Led by master clinician (and DCI legend) Michael Cesario and the DCI clinic staff, the Festival Workshop Series: Marching Leadership for Students provides students and directors practical information that can be utilized in the classroom. For students there is the added benefit of meeting the extraordinary young performers that participate in the world's best drum corps. This experience can be very motivating as they begin to understand that the drum corps performers aren't that different from themselves and the other members of your band. Here is the schedule of which corps will be leading these workshops this summer:
June 19 -- Toledo, Ohio -- Glassmen
June 26 -- Louisville, Ky. -- Boston Crusaders
June 26 -- Seattle -- Seattle Cascades
June 26 -- Siloam Springs, Ark. -- Phantom Regiment
June 27 -- Kelso, Wash. -- Blue Devils
June 27 -- Memphis, Tenn. -- Madison Scouts
June 29 -- Frankfort, Ill. -- Madison Scouts
July 2 -- Madison, Wis. -- Madison Scouts
July 6 – Phoenix -- Santa Clara Vanguard
July 7 -- Broken Arrow, Okla. -- Cavaliers
July 8 -- Dallas -- Bluecoats
July 8 – Erie, Pa. -- Boston Crusaders
July 10 -- Kalamazoo, Mich. -- Blue Devils
July 10 -- San Antonio, Texas -- Cadets
July 13 -- Pascagoula, Miss. -- Santa Clara Vanguard
July 15 -- Powder Springs, Ga. -- Spirit
July 16 -- Orlando, Fla. -- Santa Clara Vanguard
July 18 -- Jacksonville, Ala. -- Spirit
July 20 -- Centerville, Ohio -- Santa Clara Vanguard
July 20 -- Warrenton, Va. -- Crossmen
July 21 -- Utica, N.Y. -- Magic of Orlando
July 26 -- Buffalo, N.Y. -- Santa Clara Vanguard
July 28 -- Fairfield, Ohio -- Phantom Regiment
July 30 -- Murfreesboro, Tenn. -- Blue Devils
July 31 – Indianapolis -- Phantom Regiment
Aug. 11 -- Pasadena, Calif. (Rose Bowl, beginning at 3:30 p.m.) -- All corps participating in Tour of Champions
Jeff Fiedler, director of the Cavaliers, is a strong supporter of student workshops, and stressed the importance of such clinics. "I think it spreads the word about the drum corps activity, that there's something out there beyond their marching band experience," Fiedler said. "The members of the corps can share some of our 'secrets' with marching band kids to help to motivate the kids at home," Fiedler said. Noel Alvarez, a 16-year-old snare drummer from Kissimmee, Fla., said he attended a recent Cadets-led clinic in Indianapolis for "a learning experience, for the excitement, and because it's cool." In addition to learning about leadership, performance and musicianship, some attendees came to learn more about their favorite corps. Cymbal player J.T. Barber, 16, of Land O'Lakes, Fla., said he went to the Indianapolis clinic to learn "what the Cadets are all about." "Student workshops are an opportunity to showcase the amazing aspects of a drum corps performance from a grassroots point of view. Take off the uniform and we see the corps members are just like the band students watching the clinic, but trained and polished after countless hours of rehearsal and an outstanding commitment to excellence in marching music. Drum Corps International is very proud to work with the corps and band directors in each area to bring the drum corps experience closer to the students," said Drum Corps International executive director Dan Acheson.