Nomination letters have been submitted, votes are now being tallied, and a new class of DCI Hall of Fame members will be set to join the ranks of some of the most legendary individuals from the history of Drum Corps International next week.

Don't miss a very special mid-week Field Pass podcast with DCI's Dan Potter and Hall of Fame Chairman David Kampschroer ('85) as the members of the Hall of Fame class of 2008 are announced.

"This year we've received nomination letters in support of more than 20 very deserving individuals for Hall of Fame consideration," said Kampschroer. "We will be very excited to welcome and recognize the new members for their accomplishments next week."

Conceived in 1985, the DCI Hall of Fame currently is made up of more than 80 members who while representing a wide array of backgrounds and talents, have left indelible marks on the drum corps activity.

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