From a drum corps Europe press release: On Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24, Drum Corps Europe will hold a clinic for European drum corps judges in Wemeldinge, the Netherlands. The clinic will be hosted by Bob Thomas, a judge for DCI, WGI, DCA, Bands of America and DCE. It will also be open to drum corps instructors. During the clinic, all aspects regarding judging drum corps will be discussed. On Saturday, the topics will be the criteria reference scale, ranking and rating, the philosophy behind tape comments, general effect, positioning of field judges, and the ensemble captions. On Saturday night, the attending judges will be given the opportunity to put the clinic topics into practice at a preview event of the Juliana drum corps. On Sunday, Thomas will discuss the sheets of the updated Drum Corps Europe competition manual, including examples of tape comments and video "We're looking forward to a great clinic that will be very useful in order to take the European judging team to a higher level," DCE chief judge Adriaan de Kruiff said. Instructors will have the opportunity to attend this clinic for only 50 euros per person (including overnight accommodation, breakfast and lunch) or 25 euros (without overnight accommodation and breakfast). Please note that there is a limited number of spots available for instructors. If you are interested, do not hesitate to e-mail the DCE chief judge at