DCI Live!, the official online streaming video product from Drum Corps International, lets you take all of the excitement of select DCI events with you on the go—wherever you have an internet connection!

What is the DCI Live! Platform?
DCI Live! is your ticket to watching select Drum Corps International events in real time from your home computer or portable device. The complete 2016 DCI Live! streaming schedule is available HERE.

Where can I subscribe to DCI Live?
Several different subscription packages are available for the 2016 summer season and can be ordered online through DCI.org.

Will multiple camera options be available for viewing DCI Live! webcasts?
DCI Live! subscribers will have the ability to watch either a high camera or a multi-camera director’s cut for most events. Exceptions include July 9 in Denver (multi-camera only), July 21 in Belton, Texas (high camera only), and July 21 in Denton, Texas (high camera only).

Will a “DVR” feature be available on the DCI Live! platform?
At this time, DCI Live! streaming events will be available as they are happening live and in real-time in order to more appropriately comply with copyright and licensing requirements. Real-time streaming means that the online video will only be available while the live event is taking place at its stadium of origin. A rewind feature will be available only during the live stream, but will not continue once the event ends at its stadium of origin, whether you’ve “caught up” with the show or not. Streams will become unavailable once the competition concludes.

Why can’t DCI provide on-demand performances as it has in past years?
Rapidly evolving licensing requirements for online music in the music industry are different for live events and recorded events. At the present time, we are able to provide live streams under specific licenses for the music being performed, but we are not able to provide online, current-season video recordings as we have in the past. We are currently working with licensing professionals on a long-term solution to reintroduce on-demand (interactive streaming) services.

Why can’t DCI post its entire audio/video archive for viewing online?
Since Drum Corps International was founded in 1972, hundreds of corps have performed more than 10,000 titles at DCI-sanctioned events. Within the current environment pertaining to copyright clearances, DCI is obligated to obtain specific permission for each of the individual titles it wishes to make available online which are not in the public domain. In addition to having to pay a permission fee for each title, DCI must also pay royalties on interactive streaming content. At the present time, the financial and administrative burden of complying is substantial. Drum Corps International has retained the services of music industry attorneys and music licensing experts to help navigate the challenges to the best possible outcome for all concerned.

As technology and content delivery options continue to evolve, Drum Corps International will continue to do its part to responsibly and thoroughly understand and protect the intellectual property rights of copyright holders. Also working diligently with the organizations which comprise the DCI collective, DCI will support their continued pursuit and achievement of standard-setting, creative, and innovative performances while working to share these performances with the largest possible worldwide audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding watching video on DCI Live. After reading the Technical FAQ, please contact fansupport@neulion.com if you need any further assistance.