Last week Drum Corps International made an international expansion of its Fan Network media platform with the launch of the UK Fan Network. In partnership with Marching and Performing Arts UK (MPA:UK), the new network features historical and current-season videos from the Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) and Winter Guard United Kingdom (WGUK) Championships. Established in 1980, DCUK is the governing body of the drum and bugle corps activity in Britain. In 2013, the organization hosted a series of five events with 15 participating corps throughout the UK. Featuring indoor color guards and musical ensembles, WGUK hosts its Championship event each April. Currently more than 200 performances are available on the UK Fan Network (DCUK 1984 to 1996 and 2012 and WGUK 2010 to 2012). The organization has plans to add additional annals in the coming months with live webcasts of future events under consideration. "It has been a dream of mine for the past six to seven years to be able to make what we do more accessible," MPA:UK Chairman Alan Thompson said. Marching and Performing Arts UK is the fourth independent music-related organization to utilize Drum Corps International's Fan Network platform since its launch in 2008. Other organizations include WGI Sport of the Arts, Drum Corps Associates and the Indiana State School Music Association. Learn more about the release of the UK Fan Network at