Congrats are in order for DCI music education director Gary Markham, who was recently awarded the Georgia Music Educators Association's Administrative Leadership Award.

Gary Markham
Each year, the Georgia Music Educators Association presents the Administrative Leadership Award to deserving Superintendents, Principals, or other school administrators for leadership in furthering the value of music education. The nomination came from music teachers in the Cobb County School District, and was supported by letters written to the selection committee. The award was presented at the opening session of the Georgia Music Educator's Convention in Savannah, Ga., on January 26, 2006 by president Benny Ferguson. Ferguson noted that during Markham's tenure as the supervisor of instrumental music, the Cobb County School District's has: • Been named one of the Best 100 Communities for Music in America, 2000, 2004, and 2005
• Established orchestra programs and teachers in all 40 middle and high schools
• Provided assistant directors for band programs in most schools
• Constructed new and larger Fine Arts Additions on every campus
• Increased the supplemental pay for music teachers by over 300%
• Secured music as an integral and necessary for the school system Markham received an undergraduate degree from Mansfield State University, a master's degree from Penn State University, and Ph. D (ABD) in conducting and music supervision at George Mason University. His leadership experience includes membership on several state music education executive boards. He is co-author for the new "Band Expressions" band method originally published by Warner Brothers and now Alfred Music. In the mid-70's, Markham was introduced to drum corps by Jim Ott. He toured with the Blue Devils for several summers as a way to learn from Wayne Downey, Jack Mehan, Frank Dorritee and other Blue Devils staff members. In the early '80s, he became the program director, arranger and brass caption head for Spirit of Atlanta. By the mid-80s he became a DCI judge and from the mid-90s to today he has been the DCI Music Education Director and DCI Atlantic Judge Administrator. His primary responsibility is to train the current music judging community and recruit new judges to the activity.