DCI.org asked for your DCI on ESPN2 party-watching ideas, and you've responded with stuff we never would have thought up. Keep sending those ideas to feedback@DCI.org. A high school drum major sent this game idea in: I have a party game idea. It's something that we have done at band camp for years.

Take the name of two corps, one being your favorite (or goose) and one being a lesser favorite (the ducks). Ok, this may sound dumb, but it's always a hit at band camp! You sit in a circle and play it just like duck, duck, goose. Go around the circle like so ... Coats, Coats, Coats, Coats, PHANTOM! Then the "phantom" would run around the circle. If that "it" person gets caught, he/she is sent away.

It's definitely a game made up by bored high school band members, but I thought I could just amuse you all with it. Thanks a lot!