DCI.org asked for your DCI on ESPN2 party-watching ideas, and you've responded with stuff we never would have thought up. Keep sending those ideas to feedback@DCI.org. Jean H.
Thanks for the inspiration! This invitation just went out to my friends and family. Jean is having a Phantom party! An evening of Phantom Phestivities is planned. But please, don't come to my house. Instead, join me while watching DCI finals on ESPN2! Sept. 5, 7-9 p.m. CT, 6-8 p.m. MT. Preparation: Do whatever you would do to get hyped for the show! Maybe blast a little drum corps music to get in the mood beforehand. Open the doors and windows wide, sit on the porch and pretend you're in the stadium parking lot in Madison, Wis. Neighbors you have never met before will join you. Trust me on this.    (For those of my relatives who don't have any drum corps music, play your Phantom of the Opera CDs and you'll be forgiven--by some) Optional preparation: Reading about "Faust" will give you the basis of Phantom Regiment's 2006 show. (And may help you understand the menu.) Menu: Bugles and drumsticks. Jugs of water. Jean's CORPS cookies. Chocolate covered march-mellos. Devil's food cake. Gatorade "Marguerite-ahs" upon request. Attire: Please wear your sequins. On anything. A sequinned headband will do, whether you're male or female. Sashes and gloves optional. Feathers are always appropriate. (Warning: cheese heads are NOT proper attire, even though you'll be at a football stadium in Wisconsin.) RSVP: Entirely not necessary, as I'll never know whether you're joining me or not. But yell "SUTA!" and I'll know you're there. Hope you can come! Phondly,
Jean, Proud Phantom Phan