Dynasty Recently, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) was held in Louisville, Ky. A number of Drum Corps International's partners were in exhibit at the event. This is part two about the new products that have been introduced by these partners over the past year. Three of DCI's Corporate Partners were in attendance. Yesterday we took a look at the new offerings from Pearl and Yamaha. Today, we'll see what Dynasty has to offer. Being a fairly new company on the marching percussion scene, with a strong desire to make a quick impact, Dynasty has been turning out new products at an amazing rate. The company is now offering a new 15"-by-14" tenor drum with built-in leg rest, ideal for the burgeoning alumni corps movement. A new set of marching drum stands for all drums, features telescoping legs for uneven ground. But for schools that can't afford drum stands, a new lightweight set of tenors has flat bottoms so the drums can be set on tables for practice. The new Shorty snare drum has dimensions of just 14"-by-10." The Shorty, along with Dynasty's regular snare and wedge snare drum shells can all be quickly interchanged with the same heads and hoop system. For example, the heavier regular shells can be changed for lighter shells for parades because the snares are placed on both heads and aren't attached to the shells. The introduction of a new V-Bar carrier is adjustable in five places, creating endless possibilities for snares, tenors and bass drums. With the addition of orchestra bells tuned in the lower octave to A 442 and in the upper octave to A443 (allowing the instrument to "speak" over the top of trumpets and soprano bugles) and the release of a 2-1/2 octave piccolo xylophone, Dynasty now offers a full set of keyboards and timpani for the pit. The new Scott Johnson snare drum pad is double-sided, with gum rubber on one side and a high durometer neoprene (simulating a Remo Falams head) on the other. A metronome is built into the assembly and the pad comes with its own bag. Speaking of bags, Dynasty now offers a large series of embroidered drum covers and stick bags. A Wayne Downey Blue Devils brass ensemble DVD is also in the catalog, as is the Scott Johnson/Blue Devils Book of Drumming and video.