Recently, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) was held in Louisville, Ky. A number of Drum Corps International's partners were in exhibit at the event. This is part 3 about the new products that have been introduced by these partners over the past year. Five of DCI's SUMMER MUSIC GAMES Tour Partners were in attendance. Today, we'll look at the new products from Remo and Evans, companies known for advances in the drumhead industry. Remo The Remo TSS Tuneable Sound Shape heads are revolutionary in design and application. When weight is an issue, one can get heads and drum shells for half the weight of traditional tenor drums. The Accent Snare TSS line offers heads in four sizes, 6", 8", 10" and 12." These can be added to any free-floating snare, are about one-inch thick, and include a fully adjustable snare bed. They weigh only 2 to 3 pounds, depending on size. The Emperor X rock 'n' roll head features two layers of 10-mm. heads, plus a 5-mm. reinforcement dot, for an indestructible 25-mm.- thick head that offers good snare response despite the thickness, making the product a Mylar-based head with field applications, in lieu of Kevlar heads. Gong drums are now available -- large booming sounds out of a thin package. Evans The new Evans MX Snare System Pack comes with a batter head, snare head, staccato disk (on the snare head) and an X-Treme Patch. The half-moon patch is placed on top of the snare head. The right side is solid and produces a sort of woodblock-like tone, while the left side is serrated and produces a guiro-like sound when scraped with a drumstick. The new Strata Concert Bass Set features a synthetic head with a calf-life appearance. A Power Center Dot on the backside of the head lowers the fundamental frequency and removes some of the "paperiness" from the sound. Tomorrow we'll shift gears and check out the latest from Zildjian and Pro-Mark.