Recently, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) was held in Louisville, Ky. A number of Drum Corps International's partners were in exhibit at the event. This is part 4 about the new products that have been introduced by these partners over the past year. Yesterday, we got a look at the newest products from drumhead makers, Remo and Evans. Today, we'll see what Pro-Mark and Zildjian have been introducing. Pro-Mark Pro-Mark has brought out new lines of drumsticks designed by Jeff Moore and Matt Savage and a new line of indoor keyboard mallets by Jeff Moore. New practice sticks have a molded rubber tip molded into the wood, utilizing the same material found in the X-Pad practice pads. Most intriguing is the new brush-like Webs stick, made of a plastic material that creates a softer sound than wire brushes. The Webs stick looks more like a plastic spatula, with three layered plastic pieces that provide for more of a "slappy" attack than nylon brushes. Pro-Mark has also completed an upgrade its manufacturing equipment allowing it to tighten parameters in matching weight and the pitch of each stick. These upgrades will result in better matching sticks. Zildjian The new MasterSound Anti-Lock Series Cymbals remove the threat of cymbal crashes ending in dull "thunks" when air locks prevent the plates from resonating. The Mastersound series features a hammering process that crimps the cymbals on the edges, allowing for air to escape without adversely affecting tone. Zildjian has also introduced a very low, dark, European-style cymbal with the Constantinople Series, and a new ZXT line with a hard coating for a bright attack. Also new are a series of Gong Sheets, essentially square gongs with a unique sound. Monday we'll take a look at Sibelius, a software manufacturer having a huge impact on music arrangers and composers.