In preparation for the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour, the staff will be working on several upgrades to the Season Pass product, through the last weeks of May and early June. The Season Pass is Drum Corps International's premium content Web site which gives fans access to Audio Performance Downloads dating back to 1972, video clips, and live Webcasts of select events during the summer.
During this maintenance period, current members will be unable to renew Season Pass memberships, and new memberships cannot be opened. Until early June, Season Pass member benefits will not change. If you are a current member, you will still be able to access your account and continue to enjoy full access to the Season Pass audio archives, video clips from the past two seasons, and a $1 discount on Audio Performance Downloads. Non members also will be able to continue to purchase Audio Performance Downloads. Thank you for your support of the Season Pass, and the staff will look forward to having you with us "on the Web" during the 2007 Drum Corps International Summer Music Games Tour.