Welcome to the beta test of the DCI Season Pass, the place where all your drum corps questions can be answered! We've been slaving away all winter, compiling repertoires, massaging audio files for consumption and brainstorming ways to make the DCI Season Pass the most comprehensive and dazzling drum corps destination in Internet history!

A screen shot of the DCI Season Pass.
Want to know the repertoire of the 1972 Bleu Raeders? We've got the answer. Want to check out a photo gallery from last night in Louisville? Come here first. Want to predict the winner of DCI 2005? Do your research here. Want to get up close and personal with the Bluecoats drum major? We've got the video here. The DCI Season Pass includes 396 drum corps shows, spanning 32 years -- all streaming audio available 24/7. When the Season Pass launches in June, you'll be able to download all these shows if you choose to own them at $2.99 as a non-subscriber. Subscribers will be able to purchase these downloads for $1.99. Starting May 11, drum corps fans can beta test the DCI Season Pass for 10 days. All full streams will be on during this beta test for FREE. Downloads of shows will not be available during the DCI Season Pass beta test timeframe. All you need to beta test the DCI Season Pass is a valid email address. Once the Season Pass starts up on June 1, a $69, one-year subscription will give you all the bells and whistles. A three-month, $39 subscription will also be available. Where else can you get more than 96 hours of music -- in addition to an extensive array of interactive marching music bells and whistles -- for $69 (or $39)? But that's not all you get with a subscription to the DCI Season Pass. A subscription to the DCI Season Pass also includes access to all of our first-class live event coverage from many major regional DCI events. These will allow you to hear corps shows as they evolve over the summer. Our live event coverage also includes exhaustive photo galleries, thought-provoking and informative video vignettes (including interviews, parking lot warmup footage and more) as well as concise news recaps from the events. During the beta testing phase, we'll be working out the kinks and taking full advantage of your generous input. We appreciate your feedback! A subscription to the DCI Season Pass is the answer to all your drum corps needs. Remember when. Live it now. One pass. One place.