Next spring, DCI intends to bring a special program to the big screen. The tremendous success of DCI's live "cinecast" of World Championship quarterfinals last August (more than 17,000 rabid drum corps fans flocked to their local theaters that night) led DCI and the Regal CineMedia Corporation to begin plans for a mid-spring theater outing, one that could involve fans voting on specific corps performances that will be shown. "This historic event will be one for the ages!" said Ed Dempsey, DCI's manager of strategic alliances. Meanwhile, DCI and Regal CineMedia have begun planning to show 2005 World Championship quarterfinals live at select Regal Cinemas around the country on Aug. 11. "It was exciting to work with DCI to bring the thrill of drum corps competition to the big screen for the first time," said Deb McKenney, director of CineEducation with Regal CineMedia Corporation. "Thousands of fans in 44 Regal Entertainment Group theatres in cities across the country were able to experience the next best thing to being on the field in Denver, and I look forward to making an even bigger splash next year." Stay tuned to for further details, including the date of the spring event and ticket purchase information.