DCI's Dan Acheson (third from right) addresses the Revolution.
While in San Antonio at the Texas Music Educators' Association conference this past weekend, Drum Corps International (DCI) executive director Dan Acheson, DCI Division II & III coordinator J.W. Koester and DCI manager of strategic alliances Ed Dempsey visited a Revolution camp on Friday night, and all three were impressed with the level of energy and support surrounding the organization.^"Revolution appears to be in great shape. They have a dedicatedinstructional staff focused on providing a sound educational experience, and an administrative staff willing to do what it takes to make sure all the necessary resources are in place," Acheson said. Revolution was formed in 1999 by director John Rodriguez. Last year the corps was the Division III World Champion -- a truly excellent spot for a corps in its third year of existence. Acheson commended the corps' instructional staff, most all of whom are volunteers and are, "Quite competent at planning and teaching," Acheson said.Acheson was also treated to a "tour" of the business side (fund-raising, fee-collecting, and an introduction to the makeup of the organizational and instructional staff) of the Revolution operation, and came away impressed. "I am very impressed with their manner of thinking in terms of building a foundation underneath the organization. Mr. Rodriguez appears to be very concerned about not only their successes today, but of making sure the organization is successful well into the future," Acheson said. Overall, Acheson said that Revolution is well on its way to becoming a long-term provider of an excellent drum corps experience. "It is apparent from everyone involved with the corps that there is much enthusiasm. While they face the same challenges of every other drum corps, it seems they have a good grasp on the steps necessary to be successful for a very long time," Acheson said. "Although I realize I may have disrupted rehearsal a bit, it was a treat to be face-to-face with corps members again. We have so much to learn from those who are the reason we exist as an organization."