Drum Corps International will further its intense focus on health, wellness, and safety initiatives across the organization at its upcoming annual meeting next month. More than 350 registrants will participate in training sessions on enhanced health and safety strategies they can integrate into every aspect of operations and activities — from increased security in staff hiring, to rehearsal safety, to weather protocols, to event management, to nutrition needs, to performing arts medicine.

Drum Corps International (DCI) announced plans for its annual meeting next month with specific initiatives to further participant safety. As the organization continues its commitment to ongoing cultural evolution, ensuring change, and enhancing educational opportunities to deliver a safe environment for all corps members, professional staff, and volunteers.

This year, more than 350 leaders from across all participating organizations within the DCI community will gather for five days of sessions at “Here’s to Our Health: Drum Corps International’s 2019 Annual Meetings and Activity-Wide Health, Wellness & Safety Summit.” In addition to the annual sessions to discuss competitive issues for the upcoming season, the agenda will feature expert presentations and critical discussions on health, wellness and safety of every aspect of every activity under the DCI umbrella in preparing for the 2019 competitive tour.

Current planning includes discussion on increased due diligence and enhanced security in hiring practices; heat and other weather-related protocols, rehearsal safety best practices, nutrition and daily schedule guidelines, diversity and inclusion, and additional topics designed to help ensure overall participant safety throughout all operations and activities. Presenters will include healthcare professionals affiliated with the Marching Music Health and Wellness project along with other notable experts.

The multiple days of activities will incorporate meetings of several major groups – the Voting Membership of participating World Class corps, Open Class and SoundSport directors, teaching staff members and student drum majors from participating corps, representatives from the DCI adjudication community, the DCI Board of Directors, and the Corps Board Consortium – members of the boards of directors for individual participating corps. Each group will continue to explore how they can integrate expanded health and safety strategies into their operations, better serving all those participating in the drum corps experience.

Special attention to the DCI Community Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines will also reinforce expectations for all participants in DCI programs and activities, while maintaining emphasis on greater awareness and clarity of DCI’s core values. Adopted in May of 2018, the Code includes conduct-related policies and mutually shared standards of conduct, professionalism, civility and respect towards one another.

In addition, DCI Executive staff members will share vital information from their recent participation in the national Event Safety Summit sponsored by the Event Safety Alliance. DCI meeting attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about creating and maintaining safe environments and reducing risk for audiences and performers in live events.

Having experienced the same challenges facing youth organizations and education institutions across the country, DCI is committed to constant improvement in all facets of its programs in order to offer the safest and most beneficial experience possible to all participants at every level. DCI recognizes that this is an ongoing endeavor and will continue to search for new ways to develop and follow best practices in its role as a key industry influencer.

DCI CEO Dan Acheson said, “DCI is excited to bring together its various constituencies once again to discuss business matters and to advance the artistic standard of the marching music art form. This year, we are expanding our time together to include concentrated efforts on continuing to increase safety and enhance the quality of the experience for everyone participating in our activities.”

Drum Corps International is the world leader in producing and sanctioning competitive events for the world’s most elite and exclusive touring marching music ensembles for student musicians and performers.