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DCI.org adds live streaming video coverage of San Antonio afternoon performances to schedule

DCI.org adds live streaming video coverage of San Antonio afternoon performances to schedule

by Drum Corps International

After many requests, in addition to the evening performances at the DCI San Antonio Southwestern Championship on Saturday, July 22, DCI.org will stream video of the San Antonio afternoon show as well. Already an added bonus to Season Pass members as an unscheduled streaming event, Drum Corps International hopes that drum corps parents, friends, family and fans, will use this additional viewing opportunity to share the performance experience with all of Saturday's young participants. Schedule of all 26 corps performances: Afternoon
    12:00 P.M. 1. Revolution
12:17 P.M. 2. Pioneer
12:34 P.M. 3. Seattle Cascades
12:51 P.M. 4. The Magic
1:08 P.M. 5. Esperanza
1:25 P.M. 6. Southwind
1:42 P.M. 7. Capital Regiment
1:59 P.M. 8. Mandarins
Intermission (17 minutes)
2:33 P.M. 9. Blue Stars
2:50 P.M. 10. Crossmen
3:07 P.M. 11. Colts
3:24 P.M. 12. Spirit from JSU
3:41 P.M. 13. Glassmen
3:58 P.M. 14. Madison Scouts
4:15 P.M. 15. Blue Knights

    7:00 P.M. 1. Afternoon fourth place
7:17 P.M. 2. Afternoon third place
7:34 P.M. 3. Afternoon second place
7:51 P.M. 4. Afternoon first place
8:08 P.M. 5. Boston Crusaders
8:25 P.M. 6. Carolina Crown
Intermission (17 minutes)
8:59 P.M. 7. Santa Clara Vanguard
9:16 P.M. 8. The Cadets
9:33 P.M. 9. Phantom Regiment
9:50 P.M. 10. Bluecoats
10:07 P.M. 11. The Cavaliers
10:24 P.M. 12. Blue Devils
Times are subject to change. This live streaming video presentation is available exclusively to members of the DCI Season Pass. Other streamed events will include the DCI major event in Atlanta on July 29 and Semifnals during the DCI World Championships on Aug. 11. Learn more about the DCI Season Pass.
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