This morning we introduced some subtle new changes to that we know will make your experience here a lot more enjoyable. The summer calendar is lots more robust and intuitive than it has been in the past. By clicking on an event, users will now have access to hotel information (for some events) as well as directions to the show venue and a downloadable fan guide (in PDF format). For instance, go HERE to see the new and improved example of the page for the Louisville Summer Music Games on June 21. If you're planning on attending more than one event this summer, you can purchase all your tickets in one fell swoop now. Go HERE to check out this new function. News stories on are now presented with a time stamp, and all regular columnists' archives are organized much more cleanly. To see an example of the archive for columnist Michael Boo, go HERE., our e-mail listserv, has undergone an extremely dynamic change. We'll send out the first example of the new and improved on Wednesday, so stay tuned (and subscribe today if you haven't already). Perhaps most significantly to us, the upkeep and maintenance of is now completed in-house. Changes and improvements to the site can happen virtually instantaneously. And more changes will be coming soon. If you have any suggestions for further improvements, feel free to e-mail and we'll consider your changes. Thank you for your time!