Building on the success of last year's live coverage, we're ready to unleash a new and improved 2004 form of live coverage, which will add several new components to the exclusive live coverage featured at DCI World Championships (and all last summer) in Orlando in 2003. First off, when a user accesses during an event featuring live coverage (for example, during DeKalb this coming Sunday), the normal main page of will have a new look and feel devoted to that live event. This main page will include an "on the field" photo that is updated every 30 seconds, among other bells and whistles. The coverage will be organized into four sections: On the Field.. News, audio interviews, video, photo galleries and more, all pertaining to what happens between the end zones. Off the Field. Photos, audio clips and more news from the parking lot, the food truck, the festival marketplace, and other places around the venue. In the stands Our reporters and photographers will invade the grandstands to get the scoop on the fan base at each event. Who came from the greatest distance? Who's still pining for the Bridgemen? Find out here. From the press box:'s Michael Boo will provide online commentary, including a running dissection of the corps on the field provided by a DCI Hall of Fame member. Or two. What about media and pictures? There will be four to five times more than last year. JPGs, MP3s, WMAs and WMVs will all be a part of the coverage. In essence, be prepared for an onslaught of coverage starting Sunday. Meanwhile, keep in mind the 2005 will be even more mind-blowing, Get your high speed access ready! We want you to burn up our bandwidth!