After stepping off of the field for their last performance ever at the 2007 DCI World Championship Finals at Rose Bowl Stadium, three Bluecoats members – third-year color guard member Tyler Teran, third-year tenor drummer Julian Goldthwaite, fifth-year trumpet Patrick Hanley – describe the formative moments in their drum corps careers.

Christina Mavroudis: What was the defining moment for you during tonight's performance?

Tyler Teran: We have a guard feature in the middle of the show and it was awesome to hear the crowd response to it. That response pushed me through the rest of the show.

Julian Goldthwaite: We ended one of the tunes in the show, and I looked up and saw my percussion staff jumping up and down at how well we were playing.

Patrick Hanley: The end of our ballad tonight. We just added a new brass chord two weeks ago, and when the horn line released those notes tonight it was unreal.

CM: Everyone has their ups and downs during the drum corps season. What was the defining moment for you when you stepped back and thought to yourself, "This is why I joined this drum corps."

TT: In the middle of July I had a couple of bad days where I was not feeling too well. There's such a family atmosphere at the Bluecoats though and they pushed me through. They are all my friends, and I'm so glad that I'm part of it all.

JG: I think the moment for me was when we began traveling west for the last part of the season and we started to see the mountains. I've been in this activity for a long time and it hit me hard that this was going to be my last three weeks. I really wanted to finish the season and my drum corps career out really strong and feel good about it.

PH: Our horn line warm-up in Denver was unbelievable. The horn line in general was absolutely great this year. We finished our warm-up that day and without saying anything else we all knew, "That's it. We're here. We're ready to go."

CM: As outgoing corps members, what advice do you have for new people coming in?

TT: I really don't know how to sum it up well. It's about passion and putting your heart and soul into it.

JG: I'd have to agree. It's about heart and soul. I'd also tell them to never forget what brought them to the drum corps in the first place.

CM: Now that your junior drum corps experience is over, what does your future hold?

TT: I'm heading back to school and hoping to continue teaching color guards. I currently teach a few high school color guards in the Ohio region.

JG: I also want to continue to teach. I would love to teach a tenor drum line in a DCI corps.

PH: I'm going to go home and finish my chemistry degree. Hopefully I can stay involved in the drum corps activity. I love it.