From a Revolution press release: By Sonia Ramirez
Revolution public relations manager

Revolution kicked off the new year on a high note, despite the many conflicts that arose. After searching for a high school to host their camp, they came in luck when East Central High School pulled through. The camp was held there from Jan. 13-15. The corps had its hands full that weekend not only conducting the camp, but also volunteering at a major fundraising event. GM Kuzma, Revolution corps director, was one of many that attended the event. "The drum corps accomplished another amazing weekend despite many conflicts. First, the drum corps staffed several concession stands at the Alamodome for the Monster Truck Jam throughout most of Saturday and Sunday. This was manned by members, instructors, parents, and friends of Revolution. The fundraising effort raised over $1,200. I'm so proud of the way we were able to conduct a major fundraiser while hosting a camp. Our support structure continues to improve on many levels." Another conflict arose when many members couldn't attend the camp due to area region band auditions. Although some members came to camp after their auditions were complete, most were not able to attend. But, that didn't stop the drum corps from accomplishing its goals. The horn line surprised the corps during "show and tell" on Sunday when they performed the opening production, "Kaval Sviri." "I thought camp was a lot of fun, we worked really hard and got a lot done. The horn line received the music to the opener, and while there are definitely still a lot of kinks to be worked out, it sounds great for only having it for two days. I can't wait to get the rest of the show music," said Landon Schwausch, returning euphonium player. With the summer season nearing as each month passes, Revolution will continue to push forward. "The 2006 season just keeps getting better and better. January camp proved to be another great advancement in the corps. The brass was given the opener, which they brought together very nicely in the time given. Everyone adjusted quickly as we were allowed on short notice to get into East Central High School. The drum line sounded solid. I know we are going to have an even better season this coming summer," said Jacques "Tubajake" Edel, a horn player. The next Revolution camp will be held at Marion High School in Marion, Texas on February 24 - 26.