Brooke Dailey, who finished her third season with Spirit back in August, sent in this one. "The attached photograph was taken at Giants Stadium (of course). That's me on the right and Kristin Connell (our most excellent captain) on the left.

"We had to wake up extra early that morning because we were staying and rehearsing in South New Jersey. The drive to the show was three long hours. "Once we finally arrived to the show we did our usual thing and all piled out of the buses and went to our respective warmup areas. It was extremely windy at first, but then it started raining. Luckily the guard was warming up right outside of our buses so we rushed to save our equipment from the rain and climbed back on our bus. "By the time the rain had slowed enough for us to get back out to warmup, our time had dwindled to about 10 minutes. We walked to the gate in near panic mode. Although we were terrified due to our slim-to-nothing warmup, we had one of the best shows of the season. Stacey Wasson (guard caption head) spoke of that performance many times after that to get us ready to perform, no matter how nervous or seemingly unprepared we were."

Thanks Brooke! E-mail your best shots from the summer to along with where and when the photo was taken. Send some biographical information about yourself as well. We'll give you full credit. Also, let us know if you want your e-mail address included.