On Friday, January 27, representatives of Drum Corps International’s voting membership elected to bring the release of detailed scoring recaps back for the entire 2017 DCI Tour.

Under the 2016 procedure, in place of the customary detailed scoring run-downs, a summary showing only total score, placement, and results in overall General Effect, Visual and Music captions were posted online immediately following the completion of each event. The detailed sheets revealing all caption and sub-caption scores were not released on DCI.org until the end of the season.

"There was certainly some feedback that was discussed throughout the 2016 season into today’s meeting among the corps, and we reexamined that situation for this year and decided that we are going to completely release the recaps for the 2017 season and beyond," Madison Scouts Executive Director Chris Komnick said. "We know the fans really love to dig into the numbers, and we think it’s important that we have that type of engagement with them."

Links to recaps will be available through the DCI.org scores section following the completion of each event in 2017, beginning the DCI Tour Premiere on June 22 in Indianapolis.