By Joe Smith Recently over the holiday break from school I've had time to really sit back and enjoy the activity that I love so much. During this time I've had the chance to do everything from listening to drum corps for nine hours straight to talking to marching members and staff. I've really enjoyed the time I've had off from school.

Joe Smith
During the break I had the great opportunity to talk to an alum. He also used to be on staff, so he has a great vantage point from both sides. He shared with me many things I don't think I would have learned otherwise, and I learned about some of the ways they did things back when he marched. ^He also gave me the chance to hear several of Greg "Harpo" Blum's soprano solos from back in the early '80s. I must say they were amazing to listen to, and now I see why they retired his soprano after he aged out. I have also had the opportunity to talk to many of the members from the Colts, as well as other corps about how auditions are going, and how the show music and staff are as well. Many people are extremely excited for the 2004 season, and many are also very ready for it to be June already because we want to be out on that field. My last semester of high school started yesterday. I'm looking forward to this semester for many reasons. I opted to take two writing classes that I am hoping will make the content of this column more interesting. I am very excited to be taking these classes, but there's an even bigger reason I'm very excited for school to start up again. For me personally, school burns the time between camps a lot faster than just sitting at home. So I am very ready to start school because there is now just over a week until camp starts, and I have been looking forward to that since Dec. 21. I am contemplating doing a Furioso column based on interviews with members of corps that will be aging out in the 2004 season. I need some feedback though so that I can make a final decision. If you think this would be a good idea or will be aging out this summer and would like to help me then please email me at