We're still editing and processing issues that came out of last weekend's DCI winter meetings. JW Koester, DCI's Division II & III coordinator, filled us in on what happened during the Division II & III meetings last weekend. "We held elections to replace two of our advisory committee members whose terms had expired. "Vicki Schaffer of the Colt Cadets and Peter LaFlamme of the Spartans were elected to serve three-year terms. "George Brown (Vanguard Cadets) was re-elected to another one-year term as the advisory committee chairperson, and Edward Martin (Yamato) was elected to a one-year term as the advisory committee vice chairperson. "The full Division II & III advisory committee consists of George Brown (Vanguard Cadets), Edward Martin (Yamato), Bob Jacobs (Jersey Surf), Peter LaFlamme (Spartans), Charlie Groh (Impulse), Vicki Schaffer (Colt Cadets) and Tom Chopelas (East Coast Jazz). "We would like to thank Paul Chaffee (Racine Scouts) for his participation (expired three-year term) as an original member of the advisory committee. John (JT) Turner was ratified for another one-year term as the DCI Division II & III judges administrator. "The membership also approved a modification to the existing "pool" shares payout process," Koester said.