During their annual meeting held recently in Orlando, the directors of the competing units in DCI's Divisions II & III made adjustments to the championship week schedule in an effort to clarify the format of the week¹s competitions and to address several issues of concern to the corps competing in those divisions. "We're continuing to fine-tune this format," said Division II & III advisory committee chairman George Brown, "to clear up some of the confusion that surfaced last summer and to continue to refine our championship week event schedule. Our intent is to create as many performance opportunities as possible for our corps, and to showcase the very best performances in these two highly competitive divisions," Brown added. "Additionally, we want to continue to grow the attendance at our championship week events, and by further refining the finals week format, we can continue to develop great experiences for the members of our corps and for the audience as well." The unanimously approved finals week format for 2005 will be as follows: Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2005 -- Division II and III World Championship Preliminaries
  • All participating Division II corps will compete in the afternoon,
    followed by all participating Division III corps into the evening.
  • The top nine scoring corps from each division will advance to the next round of competition. Thursday, Aug. 11, 2005 -- Division II and III "Divisional Finals" 18 Corps
  • The top nine Division III corps from Tuesday¹s Preliminary round will compete, followed by the top nine Division II corps.
  • All 18 corps will receive "finalist" recognition and awards
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in each division to the corps finishing first, second and third, respectively.
  • "Caption" awards will be presented in each division during a full corps retreat ceremony
  • A "divisional champion" trophy will be presented to the highest scoring corps in each division.
  • The top three corps in each division will advance to the next round, along with the next six highest scoring corps regardless of division. Saturday, August 13, 2005 Division II and III "World Championship Grand Finals" 12 Corps
  • DCI world championship flag and trophy presented to the highest scoring corps in each division.
  • "Spirit of Disney" award presented, based on performances during
    preliminaries DCI Division II and III Coordinator J.W. Koester commented, "Judging by the camp reports and enthusiasm of the directors attending our annual meeting, we expect the 2005 World Championships to be our most competitive week of events ever. We're really looking forward to the start of the season," Koester continued. "There were 34 corps represented at the meeting, and as of today, a total of 36 corps have expressed an interest in attending the 2005 World Championships." Tickets for all Division II & III Championships Week events will go on sale soon! Check DCI.org for additional information.