Kyle Marx
Kyle Marx, 20 Ohio University Madison Scouts, 3 years Trumpet 1. Prepare until your audition comes as second nature to you. The more you prepare the better your chances are at earning a spot in the corps of your choice. 2. Come in with an open mind. Be prepared to have an incredible amount of new techniques and information thrown at you by staff members in one weekend. It is expected that you'll work to apply that new information as quickly as possible. 3. Be social. Make as many connections as possible, but do not be the person that draws attention to himself needlessly. This also applies to playing your instrument. Everyone at the audition camps is going to be a very good musician, so there's no need to prove your worth outside of the audition room. 4. Do not limit yourself to auditioning for just one corps. Each group has something to offer that is different from everywhere else. Do your research and find out where you fit in best. 5. If you don't get a contract do not give up! You cannot let one failure dictate the rest of your year. My first year I auditioned, I was cut from a corps but ended up getting a contract at Madison later that year. View additional audition tips, and learn more about corps audition dates, locations, and more.