Every Thursday this summer on DCI.org we'll profile a double feature of some of the latest corps videos posted on the DCI Fan Network. As the summer heats up, corps video crews across the country will be uploading free content on a daily basis to give fans an inside look at the 2011 DCI Tour. Check it all out at dci.thefannetwork.org.

Feature #1: Pacific Crest, "Memorial Camp"

Snare instructor Brian Stockard gives viewers a look inside Pacific Crest's Memorial Day Weekend rehearsal camp. One of the most important times of the year for the corps, this camp is when members really get things started while learning their 2011 production and getting ready to hit the road in only a few short weeks.

Feature #2: Blue Stars, "What's to come..."

Nearing the end of their grueling spring training rehearsals, Blue Stars members come clean about what they're most looking forward to during the summer of 2011.

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