Every Thursday this summer on DCI.org we'll profile a double feature of some of the latest corps videos posted on the DCI Fan Network. As the summer heats up, corps video crews across the country will be uploading free content on a daily basis to give fans an inside look at the 2011 DCI Tour. Check it all out at dci.thefannetwork.org.

Feature #1: Music City, "Camp/Parade 06/11"

Noise from hundreds of cicada bugs (the 13-year variety that are out and about in Tennessee this summer), couldn't drown out the sweet sounds of Music City during the corps' recent June rehearsal camp.

Feature #2: Boston Crusaders, "Boston in Boston"

Boston Crusaders members, who spend a chunk of their off-season rehearsing in Florida, recently got a taste of the corps' hometown with a special dinner and boat tour courtesy of the Boston Crusaders Senior Corps.

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