Boston Crusaders drum major Justine Williams submitted this photo and caption.

This past weekend in Longmont, Colo., Dieter Wiselogel and Kyle Trader hosted a drum corps BBQ. Current and former members of the Troopers, Blue Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, Boston Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, Colts and Star of Indiana were in attendance. It was a great way to spend the last days at home before we all hit the road for the summer! Good luck to everyone this season!

Blue Knights: Joe Ledesma, Ashley Drayer, Sean Gronlund, Brian Cocos. Troopers: Kyle Trader, Mike Gough, Dieter Wiselogel, Ryan Shreeman, Brian Lancaster, Kyle Nicholson, Jesse Gonzales, Victoria Romero, Trevor Bailey, Patrick Callahan, Ryan Kimray. Colts: Jimmy Rayas, Brian Matthews. Boston Crusaders: Justine Williams. Phantom Regiment: Nick Hinman. Santa Clara Vanguard: Tyler Van Dam.