This week, we'll be devoting some editorial attention to drum corps events and memories that happen and have happened in the Northern U.S. columnist Andy Dittrich sent in this list of his top 12 Northern drum corps moments. 12. Kettle Korn in Mankato, Minn. There is no way you can leave this show without at least getting a little bit of that sweet popcorn. 11. Mark Grantin, the voice of the Midwest. You can't usually go a week without hearing this familiar voice telling you what drum corps you are, and who your drum major is. The voice of drum corps in this region, we have grown attached to that powerful voice that identifies drum corps here.

Andy Dittrich
10. Whitewater, Wis. Home of the first DCI World Championships, and usually the first place parents make sure to point out to their kids. Warhawk/Perkins Stadium, "The Hill," and the campus of UW-Whitewater are all important parts of being a Midwestern drum corps patron. 9. Hastings, Minn. Across the street from the Bierstube, and next to a giant swimming pool, they tend to hold a drum corps show. Fondest memory: A victory concert that didn't happen, but then seeing that very winning drum corps frolicking in the pool. 8. The Canadian Open, Kitchener, Ont. One of my favorite shows, and was the best when it didn't have a retreat. Another personal memory: Did the prelims show, had laundry, then did the finals show, no retreat, got a whole pizza for $5. 7. Rehearsing in Northern Wisconsin. Could be LaCrosse, or Menomonie, or Minocqua, but it gets hot and humid as all get out in these places. Here, the bugs are bigger and there's more breeding ground for them. 6. The free day in the Mall of America. We always ate at the same place, and I will never, ever buy anything from any of those stores. But still, it was a good time. 5. Charles City, Iowa. It was hot here. The home of the Chickasaws provided a great spot for being awfully sick, but still having an awesome time. In basics, we were told to "Thank God we aren't in Texas." 4. Grand Haven, Mich. The Coast Guard Open. The best memory from here will always be referring to a CSX train that passed behind us during our show. The quote: "CSX stands for Capital Sound Excitement!" 3. Minocqua, Wis. I'll never forget being able to see Paul Bunyan from our rehearsal field. 2. DCI World Championships in Madison, Wis. Another one of drum corps' history spots, Camp Randall Stadium, it's awful parking, and signature echo make it very identifiable to drum corps members of all ages. 1. DeKalb, Ill. The home of Drum Corps in Northern Illinois, and a hot spot for the entire world of the activity. There are drum corps fans that know every inch of Huskie Stadium, pre- and post-renovations. People will always remember DeKalb, although it doesn't host a show every year, and will always come out to see some great drum corps.