Aero Products International, Inc., an innovator and leader in the temporary bedding industry and maker of the original AeroBed®, today announced a new partnership with Drum Corps International (DCI), the sanctioning body for the world's most elite and exclusive marching music ensembles for students.
The joint effort between DCI and AeroBed will help further the goals of AeroBed's campaign "Turn Any Room into a AeroBed Room" and provide DCI member musicians with a great night's sleep – even on the gymnasium floors they often call home during the highly competitive Drum Corps International Summer Tour. Since 1972, DCI has enabled young performers from more than 15 countries around the world the opportunity to develop life skills including self-discipline, teamwork and leadership. Through their annual Summer Tour and the more than 35 World Championships held in 16 North American cities, DCI provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. Aero Products International, Inc. is the leading producer of premium inflatable bedding, with a history of innovation and quality improvements that is unparalleled. Comfort, convenience and ease of use consistently have made AeroBed the leading choice that meets the highest standards when it comes to sleep comfort. Performers will particularly appreciate a restful night's sleep while participating during DCI's demanding tour schedule. "Through its member corps, DCI has had a proud history of promoting excellence in performance and in life to millions of young people involved in performing arts in the United States and abroad," said Daniel Acheson, CEO of Drum Corps International, Inc. "Part of what makes these musicians 'world class' is practicing their craft every day and the relentless pursuit of perfection and teamwork. With the grueling demands of the tour, the ability for our performers to get quality, restful sleep while on-the-go is absolutely imperative to ensuring their success."

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"The quality, dependability and portability of AeroBed products make them a perfect solution for musicians and performers that are faced with a variety of sleeping arrangements while touring throughout the country," said Tim Horne, CEO of Aero Products International. "We're pleased to support the kind of excellence and standards DCI promotes by demonstrating to these outstanding performers and their fans that having a comfortable bed anywhere in less than a minute is easily achieved with AeroBed." Aero Products International, Inc. is a leading producer of premium inflatable bedding under the AeroBed® brand. The original AeroBed was introduced in 1992, redefining the air bed product category through higher quality standards and new inflation technology. To kickoff this new partnership, Aero Products is offering a special rate to drum corps members and fans on its AeroBed® Bed Basics. Easy to use, transport and store, it's perfect for the drum corps lifestyle or to use wherever you need a great night's sleep. Take advantage of this special offer today. For additional information about Aerobed, visit the Aero Products Web site at