By Joe Smith
Aug. 2 -- Rappahannock County School, Va. This does seem to be an exciting year for drum corps. There are many
exciting shows this year for all to enjoy. Several corps have new uniform designs from old school to sleek new looks that corps are putting on for the first time. To top everything off though is the fact that first could go either way because there is no longer an undefeated streak. I was warned before tour about not having time to write this and Greg was very right. It's been what nine weeks since I've written a Furioso and a lot has
] happened in that time, and so this will jump around a lot. Drum corps is very original in its own way. Things happen during the season that would probably never happen in a normal life. The one thing that really pops out in my mind for this was in the beginning of July I, woke up as we were pulling into a gas station and the bus died. Damien, our driver, couldn't get it started again so everyone had to get off and push it. It's truly amazing to see the evolution process of a show behind the scenes. Everything from music cuts and additions to learning new closer drill in one day and performing it that evening. The great catchphrases that arise in the horn line arc are also a plus to the evolution because playing loud prevents pinkeye! There's always a downside though. We know how the show feels from the field but we don't know how it looks or sounds from up top. July 7 was the first time that we had a chance to watch a video of the show. It truly is a great feeling to see what you're a part of for the first time. My home show was a week ago and it was very different for me. It felt very odd to be performing there and not watching it. We also warmed-up where I always had warm up for marching band and the feelings from that make me want to go home even less. I've had no problems with being homesick either. When you see corps buses you usually see pictures all over the windows so people have things to remind them of home I don't need pictures I was fortunate enough to have my dad take the summer off to drive one of our member buses (not the one that I ride though). Being away on tour also makes me wish I had those luxuries that I used to take for granted, like the Internet and air conditioning. While on a free day at the end of June at the mall of America I had the chance to actually get online for a few moments to see what was floating around on forums, and I was disappointed to see untrue rumors about our staff on there. I also noticed that rumor while reading a review in DeKalb. This season has really flown by it's already almost finals week and things are being tweaked to find that perfect show for the crowd. So if you haven't seen a show yet or only saw one at the beginning of the season I suggesting finding your way to another one because things are amazing and only getting better.