From a Drum Corps Netherlands press release: A new Dutch drum corps association is on the horizon: Drum Corps Netherlands. The foundation of Drum Corps Netherlands was initiated by Drum Corps Europe. It is expected that the new Dutch drum corps association will run its first circuit in 2006. Since 2003, Drum Corps Europe has run the European Championships, as well as a Dutch drum corps competition. At this moment, there is no drum corps organization active in the Netherlands. Drum Corps Europe wants to change this by founding Drum Corps Netherlands. DCN will be an autonomous association, with its own board of directors. The preparations for DCN will be lead by DCE board member Kees Bourquin. DCE and DCN will cooperate closely in the fields of judging team, and contest rules. "We think that founding a Dutch organization for the drum corps competition in the Netherlands is a step we need to take," DCE chairman Marcel Matthijsse said. "With Drum Corps Netherlands taking care of the Dutch activity, DCE can now focus on the European level." Details of DCN will follow in the coming months.