Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Tim A. Speechless - Its really just a promo for the Cadets Drum Corps, but OMG it's EPIC. For anyone who's been involved in Marching Band or Drum Corps, it turns Band Camp and all those hours of practice and competition into an Epic journey. YouTube: Cadets in Motion

Mark G. Damn, I love drum corps. YouTube: Carolina Crown 2011 DCI Finals Tuning & Chords

Stephanie S. Wheat Thins and Nutella. Thanks Drum Corps :)

Andrew W. I've gotta say, drum corps fans can get just as crazy as NFL fans. I mean lets face it, if you put a die hard Devils fan in the same room as a die hard SCV fan and prompt them to talk about who's going to win next years drum trophy, well, it's not going to be very pretty.

Sharon C. Click on the link below my name and Enjoy - they called it Tilt-shift video. I am sure some of you would love this. dci.thefannetwork.org

Abraham M. after marching drum corps and learning the proper techniques, going back and seeing a high school band rehearse makes me appreciate alot of things

Alex S. Turned on my car to someone requesting freebird on the radio. Drum corps won't leave me alone

Marc M. i suddenly now remember why i only did 2 years of drum corps...my pockets are empty, everything hurts, and people are a pain in the ass...but if its anything like Boston ill forget that by April and stupidly do it all over again.

Kevin B. That awkward moment when you try to explain to someone what drum corps is and they look at you like your crazy... They just think it's like marching band...-__- then when they ask you what you play and you tell them your in guard...

Cody-Keith H. I'm so glad I did drum corps! Practice goes by fast! :D

Kaleigh D. listening to music drum corps play makes me happy :) i dun care what anyone says. i loooove the blue devils!

Larissa L. why are the weekends always so short?!? well... had a great adventure friday night... great fun and music on saturday night... and then singing today and spending time with my drum corps fam... never a dull moment!

Erin W. Needs to see people now that I am back from drum corps world. If you wanna see me, let me know! :)

Seth K. First time on facebook since I've been Home and I must say I already miss drum corps lol