Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Andy S. So being at the Omaha DCI show put the drum corps bug back in me.....anyone else want to form a senior corps based out of the Omaha area?

Ethan M. moments like last night under a city bridge, playing the ballad in the middle of a rainstorm and hearing people cheering are the reason I love drum corps.

Colby P. Somebody of the female genus should text me. Right now. I'm at drum corps aka hanging out with a bunch of dudes all summer. Please help. I'm begging you.

Kim P. Went to Davenport last night for drum corps show....fun to see friends of the past! Madison was fantastic, (as usual...) Thought their encore performance was an absoulte delight!

Kevin O. drum corps international come to housten in 10 days i am so excied

Meagan S. DRUM CORPS TODAY!!!!!! Huge nerd? Yes!

Donna M. Drum Corps show in Lawrence Ma August 4th I'm going can't wait it's been a long time.

Andy J. In Vermont. It's beautiful country here, but I'm homesick. I plan to be in Rockford in time for drum corps heaven.

Trevin C. Drum Corps is insane. Incredibly amazing performances. Plus, it proved my assertion that woodwinds are entirely unnecessary in a marching ensemble.

Sunny L. The grandkids went to a drum corps show tonight and came home marching in the door! So cute!

Mike O. working 8 hour shifts with no a/c. It's almost like drum corps again!

Nancy G. This is a HOT week for color guard camp. But they are having a fun time tonight at the Drum Corps show in Davenport.

Todd A. Heat index of 114 for everyone rehearsing down here with Music City. Gotta love drum corps. BUT, we're only about 6 sets short of having the entire show on the field and its the coolest thing I've ever seen. This summer is gonna be something seriously special.

Ashley J. Wilson I told Darin that we can stay home tonight and not go to the drum corps show since we went last night. He said, "No Way! I'm so excited to go!" Glad I converted another drum corps fan. :-)

Erin F. Wanna know how knotted all my muscles are from this Drum Corps weekend? I have a knot in the jaw muscle right above my ear....

Robert L. Ok--for my Drum Corps friends---from what i have seen in the past few days---this--to me--seems to be one of the best--Musical---years in ages----visual----jury still out---time to clean some drill....

Eric R. Someone should record the Home Run Derby for me tonight so I can watch it when I'm back from Drum Corps. X)

Rolando A. Laundry day.....Drum Corps way lol

Tim H. Passed two 18-wheelers on my way to work this morning. The smell of diesel fumes entered my car. I hardcore reminisced about my summers marching drum corps. Good times those were =)

Joe H. Too bad drum corps isn't everynight for us old people. I would watch Drums Along The Rockies every night at Invesco if I could.

Andrew G. "You have to get away from drum corps to enjoy drum corps." So true.

Cody S. "Drum Corps is kinda a reality check as to what type of person you are."