Drum corps people can often be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Randi H. Was just on the Blue Star Drum & Bugle Corps website. Brought back memories. I am an alumni, marched with the stars in 81'. Traveled the US east to west and Canada. A lot of memories and friends. Finis Coronat Opus

Rodney G. Chattanooga Choo Choo ,Freelancers Drum & Bugle Corps

Peyton W. i want this day to b over now, time to listen to drum corps though

Nick A. I always said my marching days were over. Only as a Drum Major would I venture back. So what's a white banana? Drum major for Bayonne Bridgemen Senior Corps... That's me, marching staff as well.

Jari V. Happy Birthday to Tom Day, founder and president of Bugles Across America. Tom has, for 10 years, helped provide for live buglers at military funerals so no family has to listen to a recording.

Debby B. True friends are hard to come by, but drum corps friends last for years.

Bayardo B. I'm pretty excited for this weekend with the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps.

Josh R. finally finished writing the closing drum corps cadence! The score is 16 pages long. Idk if my printer can handle this.

Monica D. Went to see the US Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps and color guard, AWESOME!!!!! I love a man in uniform (especially if it's a marine uniform)

Ronnie R.I have to ask. Who remembers when in drum corps we had to stand in the end zone for inspection? If your shoes didn't shine, your tie was right or your uni was in line you were ticked before you ever got on the field. Now that was drum and bugle corps.

Mike R. What a great rehearsal weekend! I haven't been excited to practice in years! The new songs really rock and the hornline sounds like a... well like a drum corps should! Exciting times are coming this summer! Biggest guard ever and the pit grows everytime I see them. Solid battery with little Billy anchoring the bass line!

Debby B. what a long day of drum corps, meeting after meeting, but with good friends it made the day go by fun.