Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Sue M. Last night's drum corps show at Kennedy was probably the best I've ever seen. Just when I thought I had seen the best the next one was even better. Those Madison Scouts,,,WOW! 80 + horns with 18 contras. They moved so much I lost count with everything else. This is just the start. I can't imagine what they're going to be like at the end of the season.

James H. hey guys, come check out my first DCI show and support :D it would be awesome to have you be there if you could :) www.dci.org Drum Corps International :: Marching Music's Major League

Alena H. Drum Corps stole my boyfriend, Ross :(

Fulton M. Looking back at pictures from drum corps makes me realize...DANG I was skinny.

Jeff D. It's amazing how much energy I got from hanging around with my drum corps buddies this weekend!

Andy M. Free slurpee day reminded me of being in cali for drum corps :(

Jessica V. things to look forward to this week, Transformers 3, Drum Corps, and my birthday on Saturday! Should be a great week :)

Chris L. If you love marching band and you don't know about DCI, then you don't know anything about marching band!!!

Devon E. Getting 9 hours of sleep tonight? I think that's pretty dang sweet considering this is drum corps :)

Timothy K. Just arrived in MN for the drum corps shows in Woodbury and Mankato. Weather looks perfect!

Kelly C. Excited for a trek to Atascadero and Drum Corps tomorrow!

Joshua G. Great chill day with two awesome drum corps peeps. Thanks Shane and Jared. Good bye California. Good bye San Francisco. You've been kind.

Chuck M. Time to start running and stretching again...just like good ole drum corps days.

Chris V. I am truly anoid by the way overly used electronics in drum corps......what part of Drum Corps includes a electronically generated sitar piece?

Jack B. I had my first day of missing drum corps today. My therapy was watching about two hours of it on DVD and then going for a 15 mile bikeride.

Ed A. Heading to Wildwood..it's been a long time. Decades of summer drum corps. Can't wait to hit Uries, the boardwalk and the shore. Love those little sand crabs..

Mark S. Sittin in the stands at our home show in Lisle Illinois. Three more corps then the GREEN MACHINE! I met Don Warren today founder of the Cavaliers drum and bugle corps

Michael K. I know i'm supposed to have a drum corps less day really but... MY TROOPERS HAT CAME IN THE MAIL! :D! yeah... I think I know why its cheap but its a nicely designed hat so its welcomed to my mini hat collection

Stan W. Switched to my "leaving for Drum Corps" picture since it is Drum Corps season.

Michael J. What a beautiful evening for baseball go Cocks! But even better for Drum Corps so Go Scouts!

John S. My oldest son is on a national tour with the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps. I am really thrilled for him. You can catch a glimpse of him at the 37 second mark putting his helmet on in this promo video for Drum Corps International YouTube: Saginaw, TX Montage Saginaw, TX Montage

David B. Saw a guy at the rec center that cracked me up. Decked out in workout gear from the '80's. Reminded me of an old drum corps buddy, Mark. Even had the red bandana around his head.