Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Nathan P. I think I'll take a trip this summer with some of my friends. DCI.org/schedule

David G. i should be doing homework...instead im watching drum corps...i still wonder how the blue stars did it...how did that guys get out of that crate and to the other side of the field??? MAGIC!!!

Samantha F. drum corps money, college money, gas money, work schedule, exams, practice weapon. Im nauseous, this is too much.

Justin B. Every once in a while I get struck by an extreme amount of excitement for drum corps and the summer. Just now was one of those times. Gettin' pumped for Honey Badgers MMXI.

Ashley M. haha so after talking to a few new friends from white sabers, i have come to a conclusion that drum corps this summer is going to be VERY interesting

Terrence Y. To all my woodwind friends, the only time I hear loud annoying squeaks in drum corps is when the bus breaks down.

Marty P. A friend of mines grandaughter joined a drum corps this year. The Colts is the name of it. Her Mom marched with the Glassman from Toledo. Good Luck on your first year.

Jude B. is diving into some drum corps and marching band work and then maybe some time by the pool. Wishing everyone a great day. Xo

Thu P. Sore all over, sun burned, lethargic....yep, drum corps season has officially begun...

Diane M. well a busy drum corps weekend over, still working on finding things... overall it is all coming together

John J. drum corps or private lessons this summer? which should I do?

Jarred S. Drum Corps and Air Force...............Good for the soul!!!!

Devin S. Really really really REALLY misses drum corps. =( I wish I could march this summer. Its my last chance.

Katie H. I bowled a 138 entirely left handed tonight (there might have been bumpers involved). None-the-less, I definitely bowled about 3 times as many strikes left (wrong) handed than right. And this experiment would have never happened if it weren't for my "old lady" left hip. Thanks drum corps. Haha. +1

Mike F. There are events in a person's life that elicit a visible change very quickly. For me, there was a before and after Drum Corps, and a before and after Sinfonia.

Eli H. So much drum corps/wgi/blast on my itunes its ridiculous! But I love it!

Marie B. I have my ankle tan back! I love drum corps! :) <3

Doug S. Bill Cook died today. He basically made drum corps what it is today.

Devon E. every time i watch a video that has to do with drum corps i get myself all excited.