Drew Tyburczy sent this photo taken by Terri Thompson.

This is a photo of my stepdaughter Katie Lamb and me at Ft. Logan National Cemetery on Armed Forces Day May 19, 2007. We were two of a group of 17 that participated in the "Echo Taps" program, which joined buglers across America in national cemeteries to play a cascading version of "Taps" in tribute to American military personnel on May 19.

Several members of our group are members of the start-up senior corps in Northglenn, Colo., named High Country Brass. A total of seven members from our corps were at this event.

This was a special day for me as my farther John Tyburczy is laid to rest at the cemetery and on this day three generations of drum corps we present. My farther marched in parade corps way back in the day including the Polish Falcons. I have three older brothers that were all in drum corps. I was a member of the Blue Knights, Casper Troopers and now a founding member and corps director of High Country Brass senior corps.

My step daughter was a member of the Troopers and now is in her second season with the Blue Knights of Denver, Colo.

Drum corps is strong in our family, and I hope the legacy continues.