World and Open Class drum majors at
the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, Ill.
Some 30 drum majors representing more than 20 corps gathered in Rosemont, Ill. Jan. 20-22 to take part in a variety of interactive seminars geared toward learning from one another and developing leadership skills at the 2012 DCI Annual Business Meetings and Conference Weekend. "You learn more than you can learn in drum corps season at these weekends," said Glassmen Drum Major Wyatt Mullins. "The relationships we form here let us communicate [with one another] during the season and bounce ideas off of each other. To talk to people going through the same [experience] means a lot." Field Pass host Dan Potter caught up with drum majors old and new during a social break on the second day of their meetings to find out what the drum majors had been up to.