Twenty-five drum majors representing 21 World and Open Class corps attended a leadership summit during the 2010 DCI Annual Meeting, Jan. 22-23 in Indianapolis. The special two-day seminar featured sessions for the young leaders as they examined ways to problem solve and improve communication among corps members and staff. DCI Field Pass host Dan Potter interviews drum majors Ben Pouncey (The Cadets), Alison Baier (Jersey Surf) and Thompson Vou (Boston Crusaders) about their experiences with this first-ever event and what they will be able to take away and apply within their individual corps. "We're all learning a lot from each other," said Vou. "We're building this community and it's great because now for the summer we have people we can contact for help." The leadership summit was presented by the DCI Hall of Fame and featured hall members and other guest speakers.
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