Amy DeGiovanni sent in this one. "This was taken in Lacrosse, Wis., just following one of Dutch Boy's show. Everyone pictured transferred from the Edmonton Strutters -- both kids and staff. Even though we couldn't be in Edmonton, we represented them well. "Not only did we create a bond with the Dutch Boy family, we also strengthened our Edmonton bond even further. Nothing can stop us from doing what we love! Left to right: Josh "Owen" Emond, Jason "JJ" Jaimeson (staff), Stephanie "Phannie" Williams, Becky Elliot, Kelsey Kennedy-LeBlanc, Jerry "Cookie" Reynolds, and me (Amy "Army" DeGiovanni)." Thanks Amy! E-mail your best shots from the summer to along with where and when the photo was taken. Send some biographical information about yourself as well. We'll give you full credit. Also, let us know if you want your e-mail address included.