Jubal then and now.
April 11, 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Jubal Drum and Bugle Corps, a group from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. One of the oldest drum corps perhaps in the entire world, Jubal has several years up on any of DCI's corps, the closest in comparison being the 84-year-old Racine Scouts (founded in 1927) and the 77-year-old Cadets (founded in 1934). Started in 1911 as a drum and fife corps, Jubal has a long and varied history. During WWII the group was forbidden by Germans to assemble, perform or rehearse, though members who hid their instruments away during the German occupation, continued rehearsals in secret. Since the 1970s, Jubal has become a trendsetter among modern European drum and bugle corps. To its credit, the corps has captured six national titles, three German Open titles, and three Drum Corps Europe Championships. Commemorating the 100th anniversary, Jubal has put out a brand new 280-page history book, a CD and DVD with historical highlights, and also has plans to host several reunion and alumni events in the coming months.
The corps also has plans for a several week trip to the United States this coming summer in conjunction with the annual Drum Corps International Tour. Jubal is currently scheduled to perform at the DCI Tour events in Ocean Spring, Miss., Milton, Fla., Atlanta, Dayton, Ohio, Allentown, Pa., Erie, Pa., and at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. Learn more about Jubal at Jubal.org or leave anniversary wishes on the corps' Facebook page.