Boston CrusadersThe joy and emotion of Americana kicked off the night show in Indianapolis, bringing the heart of America to America's heartland with a show chock full of a variety of emotions. "You Are My Star" has turned out to be one of the more evocative shows in recent history, and is it possible to have a more tender moment than the full-corps living flag at the end of the show? "The recent changes (to our show) really came off," said Brian Fischer, 18, a baritone player from Cincinnatti. Playing indoors is a trick that many corps members adapt to in different ways. "I rely on instinct, to do what I naturally do. You have to go with what you know is right," Fischer said.Spirit"Darkness Into Light" crosses a river of scalding torment in its search for an Eden of tranquility. Consequently, the opening statement is one of the most brutal and oppressive musical comments ever, devastatingly blasting through any sense of hope for peacefulness. But such a respite does come towards the end, as the journey through hell is rewarded with a loving serenity."This has been our most energetic" show to date, said Steven Mobes, 20, a cymbal player from Huntsville, Ala. Indoors, Moebes watches the snare drummers' feet to keep an accurate tempo, as well as the drum major's hands. "Don't trust ears," Moebes said.