Kelly Belanger sent in this one. "This picture was taken this summer 2004 in Lynn, Mass. (at the Manning Bowl). I aged out in 2002 with the East Coast Jazz. I have been currently working with the Citations but I am unable to go on tour with them. "I am a brass tech with the Citations. I am also a music education major who will be finishing up my undergraduate degree from Umass-Lowell. "This is a picture taken of me (left) and my boyfriend, Evan Tropp. We are standing outside the Manning Bowl. Evan is a trumpet player for East Coast Jazz and this was his age-out year. "I have also marched with ECJ, and I aged out in 2002. Having marched with ECJ for six years I could never imagine going anywhere else. It's my family, my home. I have met some amazing people there, such as Evan. "Unfortunately I was unable to go out to Denver this year to see him age out. "I'd like to share this quote I saw on a T-shirt once. I know the drum corps world can relate to it. "Drum Corps: For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible."

Thanks Kelly!
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