From an East Coast Jazz press release: The East Coast Jazz's 2006 program is entitled "Harlem Suite".
Utilizing the music of Edward "Duke" Ellington, the corps will bring to the field themes and images from his masterpiece "A Tone Parallel to Harlem" and jazz standard "Take The A Train". "Harlem, of course, is a place close to our hearts. A place where we feel close, and where one easily feels the spirit. It's a wonderful place. There's no other place like it. If you listen closely you can hear a revindication for our civil rights" -- Duke Ellington at the Great London Concert, Feb. 21, 1964. The 2006 ECJ design team includes Fred Ford (program coordinator), J.D. Shaw (brass arranger), Charley Poole (percussion arranger and caption head), Jason Medeiros (front ensemble arranger), Ed Devlin (visual designer and caption head), Chris Raichle (guard caption head), Brandon Block and Andrew Hanenburg (color guard designers).