Patrick Chace, who has marched in the East Coast Jazz since 2001 (and will age out in 2005), sent in this one. "This picture was taken on I&E day in Denver this year. We are all on
the horn bus for East Coast Jazz. Clearly the coolest bus in the world! "From the left: Brown, Meggy, Darren, Mike, me, Elena, mark, nicole and Kevin. A lot of us are multiple year vets. "It's memories like these that keep me coming back. Every year since my
rookie year (2001), I have vowed to go Division I. And every year, I end up back at good ol' ECJ. I always tell myself this year will be different, but my friends, no, my family, keep pulling me back. Every year we have grown bigger, better, more mature, than the previous. "It's not about winning medals. It's about knowing you are being challenged with every step, day, practice, camp, tour and year. "Even this year, my age-out, I was thinking about going Division I for one last time before it's too late. But I got my pictures from this summer. I wouldn't trade this summer for anything -- not a Division I medal, not another practice this year, not another free day, and certainly not another .025 of a point. "This summer was memorable. And the people in this picture made it for me. I recall all the ups and downs (the trip to South Carolina, rookie talent, I&E,
Tennessee, Orlando 2003, Lynn, Mass., in 2004, Everett, Mass., Oklahoma, Hilton Head, S.C., Kansas, the trip to Colorado) and remember that we made it through. And we have proven that although we are pretty rag-tag (I am not denying that) we have something that no one will ever take from us. The closeness, the bond that we have, is unbreakable. "And I know this year will be a reinforcement of that Idea. Thank You ECJ!" Thanks Patrick!
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