Next summer, the DCI Eastern Classic will return to Allentown, Pa., a site that all drum corps fans should recognize as being historically significant for the activity. The contest will be held on Aug. 1 and Aug. 2, 2003 – the 25th time Allentown has played host to a major Drum Corps International event.The Eastern Classic has been held in other locations for the past two years while renovations to J. Birney Crum Stadium took place."It's a classic location! I have lots of fond memories of performing with the Cavaliers in Allentown. It was always part of the big east coast swing," said Marco Buscaglia, who played baritone with the Cavaliers from 1984 to 1989."I'm very excited about the newly renovated stadium, and I'm excited about how much better the corps are going to perform in this newly renovated venue in a classic drum corps setting," said Dan Acheson, Executive Director of Drum Corps International.