With only eight days until I move out, I'm trying to finish all the daunting tasks my father has asked me to do, such as clean my room and around my computer. If you know me these really are daunting tasks. I have yet to finish my room at this point; most likely it will end up being a last-minute scurry to finish it.

This week has been almost like a miniholiday for me. The UPS man has shown up several times to deliver items that I had to order for tour. I'm getting anxious, as the final two packages have yet to arrive. One is a birthday present that will allow me to continue to write this summer, given the proper conditions.

It's also time to start saying my final good-byes to the friends that I won't see all summer. Tomorrow morning I will board a train and head to Naperville, Ill., to see my friend Kristin. If all goes well I might even have the chance to visit the DCI offices on Friday afternoon. It should be great weekend, and I'll even be able to have my favorite snack while I'm out there.

Last night was the last chance for anyone to go see a midnight screening of "Star Wars." Honestly I have never been a huge fan of "Star Wars," but last night I figured if this was my last chance for a new experience I might as well hop on bored.

It was quite an experience. The closest theatre not sold out was more than 30 minutes away. Luckily I bought my ticket online before I even left my house, because when I arrived, the first three showings were already sold out. I don't remember the last time that I have been in a theatre that was that full. The smell of buttery popcorn was everywhere, and it definitely was not cold in the room. When the movie finally started there was mass cheering by the audience. Overall the movie was very visually stunning, and had many moments of action that were enthralling. When the action wasn't happening, though, it felt sometimes the story was moving very slowly, but perhaps that might have been due to the fact that I was tired. Definitely a good movie though.

Now I must face the daunting task of cleaning my room. It won't be an easy task by any means, I can't remember when the last time I actually saw the entire floor was. There's still laundry to do, and uniforms to take back to my old job so that I can collect my final paycheck. Today is filled with many tasks, and somehow I need to manage to get outside and enjoy the weather, since it's sunny and close to 80 degrees.